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Scoops of Love: Create Your Own Gelato in Rome on Your Next Celebration Trip

There's something about gelato that makes it the ultimate treat for celebrating special moments. In Rome, you'll find some of the world's best gelato shops featuring a fantastic array of flavors.

But what if we told you that you could take your celebration trip to the next level and create your own gelato in Rome?

For lovers, families, and friends, who are searching for a luxurious way to celebrate their significant life moments, the experience of creating gelato is the ultimate indulgence you didn't know you needed.


There's something distinctively sweet about creating a dessert together.

Take your loved one on a memorable journey and visit some noteworthy gelato makers to learn the craft.

Start with a visit to a gelato school in Rome, where you can take classes and learn how to make heavenly gelato from scratch.


Once you've been schooled in the art and science of gelato-making, it's time to put your newfound skills to the test.

Stroll the city's charming streets, and head to Piazza Navona, where you’ll find several gelato shops.

Buy some of your favorite ingredients and head back to your hotel or villa to create your gelato creations.



When it comes to family trips, gelato is a must-have treat! Instead of just visiting gelato shops, why not take your kids on an adventure, and teach them how to make their delicious treats?

Start by taking a gelato-making class where your kids can learn the basics of creating their signature flavors.


After learning the art of making gelato, buy some ingredients and head back to your hotel or villa. Encourage your kids to unleash their creativity and create their own unique flavors. Use the opportunity to bond and create lifelong family memories.



Celebrating with friends is always an exciting and fun time. Why not take a gelato-making class with your buddies and create some delicious scoops of joy together?

Start with a class arranged by your travel advisor, where you can learn the art of gelato-making from scratch. Take notice of the tricks of the trade, learn the difference between gelato and ice cream, and perfect your flavor combinations.


Once your lesson is over, create your unique gelato flavors and show them off to your friends. Rome is no stranger to the gelato craft, so after you’ve all made your flavors, go, and visit some of Rome's favorite gelaterias and compare your unique creations.


Celebration travel is all about experiencing the world's best moments uniquely and luxuriously. Rome's gelato culture can offer you that, along with making your celebration trip even more memorable.

No matter whether you are accompanied by your family, friends, or your special someone, creating your gelato in Rome will be the ultimate indulgence to treat yourself.

Take a lesson from a renowned gelato school and share in the experience of creating something incredibly delicious, while bonding with your loved ones.


Don't wait - contact me today to start planning your sweet adventure!


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