Meet Jami

Nothing makes my eyes light up like travel. Whether planning travel for myself and my family or for a client, I can smell the adventure ahead right from the outset and work hard to make it come to life. My passion for travel was born while living abroad. For more than five years, I called Iraq home, working in the travel department of my employer. This gave me the best of both worlds – a connection to the realm of travel and a burning desire to explore the world.
By the time I returned to the U.S., I was sure of my calling and quickly launched Jetsetting, LLC, with the goal of providing luxury travel services with an emphasis on romance. Travel is a powerful way to kindle passion and I go to great lengths to plan the perfect vacation so that sparks can fly. Overwater bungalow in the South Pacific? Destination wedding in Italy's Tuscan hills? Parisian honeymoon? My detail-oriented approach ensures everything is in place so that you are free to focus solely on spending quality time with the one you love.
Not only do I take care of the big things for my clients – accommodation, transport and tours – but I also know the value of those extra little touches. My years working in customer service and hospitality have given me the wherewithal and expertise needed to go the extra mile for my clients. A call ahead to a trusted vendor can make something as simple as a hotel stay feel like the VIP treatment. Thoughtful attention to the budget can make every dollar go farther. For your next romantic getaway or luxurious family vacation, Jetsetting, LLC can help make it the very best travel experience for you. I look forward to learning just what it is that gets you fired up and incorporating that into your tailor-made adventure.