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15 Top Destinations & Experiences for Your Celebration

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The Benefits of Using a Travel Advisor

  1. RECEIVE ADDED PERKS - Certain travel benefits can take a vacation from mediocre to OUTSTANDING. A well-connected travel advisor listens to what you need, organizes everything to make it happen, and then calls in their favors to include those special connections that take your vacation to the next level.  

  2. SAVE SOME MONEY - If businesses can provide special discounts and advantages for their employees then it can work just the same for Travel Advisors. Travel Advisors are continuously privy to better values and rates of direct or indirect suppliers. 

  3. TAKE OFF YOUR PLANNING HAT - Or share it a little if you don't want to completely relinquish it. :-) The great thing about a Travel Advisor is that they can assist with as little or as much as you need. Perhaps you LOVE planning. Your Travel Advisor is able to step into those areas where their expertise is most beneficial. And if you can't be bothered with the details of curating a vacation experience then we know how quickly you'll be giving up that hat!

  4. SECURE YOUR VACATION - Travel Insurance can be a maze of words, phrases, and certain lingo that will breed questions on top of more questions. A Travel Advisor will help you sift through all of the potential insurance madness. It will make you feel so much better knowing that your vacation is secure because you chose the EXACT coverage that you needed (nothing more, nothing less). 

  5. GET TREATED LIKE VIP - Need we say more?? Who doesn't want to be treated like royalty? No matter the vacation setting, a Travel Advisor seeks to have you feel like you're provided the best while being taken care of by the best. Let's all say it together, "I'd like the special treatment!", and there's nothing wrong with that. A Travel Advisor will happily make it happen for you!

Melissa J. 

Jami is a true professional with impeccable taste. I first met her while taking a ladies trip a friend booked with her to Dubai...Amazing! She then booked my destination wedding for the 35 guests and not one detail was missed. I would definitely recommend her as a travel agent!

Tami T.

My husband and I used Jetsetting to plan our 10th wedding anniversary. We wanted a cruise and an overnight stay in Miami. We had no idea what to expect but this agency far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined. The very personal touches throughout our vacation are what really made it special. We stayed at one of the best hotels and were treated amazingly by their staff who were careful to celebrate our anniversary at every turn. It was amazing and we didn't have to worry about a thing! I'd highly recommend their services!

Warren R.

Exceptional service provided by Jami Ellison with Jetsetting. So thankful to not have the stress of having to look for and book activities for our trip. We most definitely recommend booking through a Travel Agent and if and when you do, choose Jetsetting. You won't regret it! I know we didn't. 


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